Please reach out using the Contact form for store, library, and school visits and workshops, book club and troop meetings, and literary festival appearances. Let me know if you’re interested in any of the options outlined below or if you have something else in mind! You can see my schedule and summaries of my appearances on the Events page.

Free Virtual 20-minute Q&A

If your class, reading group, library, or troop is reading FREE PERIOD together, please feel free to reach out and schedule a 20-minute virtual Q&A about the book. A limited number will be available each month on a first come, first serve basis subject to scheduling coordination.

Craftivism Workshop

In FREE PERIOD, 8th grade besties Helen and Gracie decorate t-shirts, bake punny sweets, and crochet uteruses with their friends to advocate for maxi-pads in all school bathrooms for all students who menstruate. A major theme of the book is that advocacy doesn’t have to be fancy or formal; it can be fun, and we can use whatever we already love to do in life to create change. In this workshop, we’ll discuss these themes within FREE PERIOD as well as some fun examples of craftivism in history, how art can help people connect to issues beyond facts and figures, chat about how the young readers in attendance can tap into their own interests, and finally MAKE SOME ART to get their messages into the world! Examples include friendship bead bracelets, mini-posters, art postcards, bookmarks, and yarn arts.

Conflict and Empathy Workshop

In their quest to get maxipads in all bathrooms for all students with menstruate, Helen, Gracie, and their friends face lots of obstacles from people who don’t understand the issue to those working actively against them. In this workshop, we’ll explore how literature can help us identify different types of conflict and tailor solutions to address them, discover how to use a special skill or interest you already enjoy to create change, and learn how embracing empathy can create a path toward building common ground. Get ready for copious amounts of synapse-swirling and glitter-braining as Gracie would say while we learn how sometimes working with people who are different from us can create something better than we could ever accomplish alone.

Dynamic Duos Writing Workshop

Using FREE PERIOD and other middle grade examples on everything from besties to teammates to frenemies, we’ll explore how strong character duos can form a compelling basis for hilarious and heartwarming stories. Students will create character profiles, dynamic duo conflict maps, and a turning point outline that they can use to write a story of their very own!

Jokes for Justice – Using Humor In Literature to Create Change

A book-talk type presentation about the writing of FREE PERIOD, the concept of equity in education using access to period care as an example, and how humor can be used to tackle tough issues. Includes an author-led discussion of how we can each use what we already love to do in life to create change and a student-led Q&A.