What is your favorite book now?

I’m lucky to read a lot of current middle grade books. Some recent favorites are Courtesy of Cupid by Nashae Jones , Good Different by Meg Eden Kuyatt, Sincerely Sicily by Tamika Burgess, Tethered to Other Stars by Elisa Stone Leahy, The Very Unfortunate Wish of Melony Yoshimura by Waka T. Brown, and Lei and the Fire Goddess by Malia Maunakea, Adia Kelbara and the Circle of Shamans by Isi Hendrix, and Meet Me on Mercer Street by Booki Vivat. I could easily list 20 more titles, though, so I tend to share great reads on this website, on my Instagram, and in my quarterly newsletter. Ah! Middle grade books are the best! Farts, feelings, and fun!!!

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