Are pads available where I live?

It really depends, which I know is a frustrating answer. Students and their allies have been working so hard to achieve menstrual equity for years and have made incredible strides at the local and state levels in some areas. Unfortunately, the United States does not have a national menstrual or period equity policy to cover… Read more »

Can I a crochet Cuterus Uterus?

Yes! Check out the patterns to craft your own Cuterus Uterus Crew and more on the Resources page. All you need is some yarn, a crochet hook, a stitch marker, filling, and either a contrasting yarn color or fabric glue and googly eyes. I crocheted my first uterus more than 20 years ago for a… Read more »

Did you bake the sweets in FREE PERIOD?

Yes! My family and I made them all, as well as the other crafts discussed in the book, and devoured the sweets immediately! They are delicious and delightfully disgusting. I hope reading about them made you laugh and broke the ice a bit on a topic that can sometimes be difficult to discuss. You can… Read more »

Why did you write FREE PERIOD?

The story started with Helen and Gracie, two chaos monsters who are besties but facing big changes at the end of middle school, and the question of how our friendships can evolve and even get stronger rather than falling apart when we’re challenged. At the same time I was trying to figure out how to… Read more »