Free Period Hardcover by Ali Terese
Cover illustration by Steffi Walthall. Cover design by Maeve Norton. Copyright Scholastic 2023.

Free Period

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A Kids’ Indies Next Pick! – American Booksellers Association

A Rad Reads Pick! – Girls’ Life Magazine

“This book is a MUST READ. I absolutely adored it!” – Lisa Greenwald, author of the TBH series

“Punchy, electric, and smart social commentary.” – Kirkus Reviews

“It was absolute fire.” – Book Riot

From the publisher: “This middle-grade Moxie centering period equity is Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret. for the next generation!

Helen and Gracie are pranking their way through middle school when a stinky stunt lands them in the front office — again. Because nothing else has curbed their chaos, the principal orders the best friends to do the unthinkable: care about something. So they join the school’s Community Action Club with plans to do as little as humanly possible.

But when Helen is caught unprepared by an early period and bleeds through her pants — they were gold lamé! — the girls take over the club’s campaign for maxi pads in bathrooms for all students who menstruate. In the name of period equity, the two friends use everything from over-the-top baked goods to glitter gluing for change. But nothing can prepare them for a clueless school board (ew), an annoying little sister (ugh), and crushes (oh my!).

As Helen and Gracie find themselves closer to change and in deeper trouble than ever before, they must decide if they care enough to keep going . . . even if it costs them their friendship.”


“This spirited coming-of-age story brings menstruation and period equity to the fore…Punchy, electric, and smart social commentary.” – Kirkus Reviews

“This story is a non-stop, rollicking look at how to harness creativity for social change.” – Stephanie Tournas in Youth Services Book Review

“It was absolute fire…I was instantly charmed by the badass main protagonists and the book’s overall sense of humor. But as I made my way through the entire book, what I was really blown away by was how such a fun story managed to pack so much punch, imparting lessons not only about menstrual equity but also about friendship and the various ways there are to engage in activism.” – Steph Auteri in Book Riot

“The author of this funny and important novel is not from Minnesota. But that doesn’t matter because this heartfelt and inventive debut about “period equity” will help middle-schoolers learn about menstruation and adults’ disinterest in the topic, even though girls this age might need pads during the school day that are locked away in the nurse’s office — if there even is a nurse on site.” – Marry Ann Grossman in The Pioneer Press

“Terese spins a rollicking and timely tale of period equity in which eighth graders on the cusp of big change learn how to collaborate with others and how to use their creative, intellectual, and mayhem-causing talents to enact meaningful change.” – Publishers Weekly

Advance Praise:

“This book is the period equity anthem we’ve been waiting generations to read. It glitters with humor and shows us the power that comes from staring down injustice. Free Period is about to start something BIG.” – Carrie Firestone, author of Dress Coded

“A funny and fast-paced story about two steadfast best friends who refuse to go with the flow. It has everything I love: friendship, family drama, and first crushes, plus period equity, loyalty, and standing up for what you believe in. A smart book!” – Debbi Michiko Florence, author of Keep it Together, Keiko Carter

“This book is a MUST READ. I absolutely adored it!” – Lisa Greenwald, author of the TBH series

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